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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Maybe it was my mood, but i didn't enjoy my comics this week.

Dark X-Men: The Confession #1 - Based on a review from Paul O'Brien i thought i might want this. It's by the X-Force writers and O'Brien indicated that it laid the groundwork for the upcoming Necrosha cross-over. He also said it has Scott and Emma having an intelligent, adult conversation. And i guess it does. But mainly it reads like an issue of Marvel Saga to me; hardly an actual comic at all, just a lot of recapping. And that cover is just awful.

X-Force #19 - I guess i actually liked this. I enjoyed the X-23 scenes but i'm disoriented by the fact that we're dealing with 3 women that, based on the art, look exactly the same and so i had trouble following a few of the conversations. And i was a little thrown by how bloody the Wolves vs. Giants subplot scene was, but i guess it's to be expected. Overall, it's just fine. I guess i just had that same problem i have with a lot of X-Force issues, where i feel like they're not doing any actual plot development. Are they just treading water until the next crossover? And the scene on the cover didn't happen - i'm not sure that Angel was even in this issue.

Secret Warriors #8 - Well, there goes everything that just was introduced in Dark Avengers #9. That was quick. Also didn't love the fact that there was apparently a crossover with Thunderbolts... last issue of Secret Warriors just said something like, "For more Thunderbolts, read the next issue of the Thunderbolts!" not that i had to read the issue in order to keep up with the plot in this book.

The Hood #5 - Interestingly, this series had a lot of good moments, but didn't really reach any kind of satisfying conclusion. It just maintained the status quo for the Hood, basically. Still, it was a good series. And we'll have to assume that a few minutes after the end of this issue, the Hood gets full-on possessed by Dormammu so that he can attack Dr. Strange.

Divas #3 - Well this was actually very good; especially dealing with Firestar's cancer. But i was a little surprised to see so much actual super type stuff, by which i mean the Black Cat/Puma fight and Hellcat getting tricked into getting trapped in Hell by the Son of Satan. I'm not complaining but i just want them to know that they've got a very good downtime book going here and they shouldn't feel the need to cave and put in a lot of action in. (I'm also assuming that Damion Hellstorm became such a dick sometime after the point i'm currently at in my back issue reading project. Maybe during Warren Ellis' run? The Son of Satan from 1982 certainly wouldn't have acted like this.)

...I guess in retrospect nothing was all that bad, except Confessions. I must have just been grumpy.

By fnord12 | October 4, 2009, 11:47 PM | Comics