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Random Lyrics Thursday

I Didn't Like You Anyway by the Donnas

You told me that it just couldn't be
You don't wanna go out with me
No I'm not sad, I don't even care
'Cause dumb boys like you are everywhere

yeah, that's right
Too bad you're not the boy for me
I wanted something quick and easy

I didn't like you anyway
I was just lookin for fun, uh-huh
I didn't like you anyway
I'm a speed demon on the run

You thought I would be broken hearted
Maybe I would if you weren't so retarted!
I ask your name, you don't even know
You should have dumped me on that talk show

I think that nasal spray got to your brain
I knew you were lame, from your wallet chain
A boston baked bean is the size of your head
I heard you even wet your bed

By fnord12 | November 12, 2009, 9:07 AM | Music