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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews - the one week deluge

Lots of books came out this week! I don't mind. I happen to like comic books.

Dark Reign: The List - Punisher #1 - It seemed like things were going pretty well once the Punisher knocked out the annoying kid on the flying skateboard and left him in a dumpster pretty early on. (For what it's worth, when i saw that the kid's name was Harry and that he rode a flying skateboard, i was wondering if it was Osborn's son now that he's back from the dead. Which would have been kind of interesting, i guess. I suppose the Spider-books are dealing with the Harry/Norman relationship?) I liked seeing the Punisher clearly outmatched. I loved the idea of HAMMER agents flying around on modified goblin gliders. And it was a real "holy crap!" moment when the Punisher got chopped to pieces. Really? Not an LMD or an exploding robot dummy? They just killed the Punisher?! Then i turn the page and see an ad for Franken-Castle. HAHAHAHAHA! These are truly the end times.

Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine #1 Or rather, Dark Reign: The List - Fantomex #1. I tell you, this is what I was expecting from Jason Aaron on Ghost Rider. The crazy collision of two wacky Morrison-esque ideas mixes with Van Lente style irreverence. Zombie troops (tied in to the Deathlock program!). Religion-stimulating diseases. Team-up jokes! Exactly what i expect from a writer endorsed by Chris Sims. I liked the art, too, but i'm sure Esad Ribic is an anagram for something. Basic Red I? Sir Bad Ice? The back-up story was just terrible, though.

Fantastic Four #572 - Glad i stuck with this. I really liked Hickman's explanation in the back about why he started with an All-Reed arc. I hope he'll continue to scale Reed back. Let's see how Hickman handles the full team now. But please, get rid of those short sleeved shirts. And Valeria.

Dark Avengers: Ares #1 - Er, i enjoyed the book quite a bit, but what's this about Ares' son being dead?

Models Inc. #3 - It's too bad this is such a mediocre book. Because it ought to be good. The MU can use more books that are only tangentially related to super-heroes. It's just falling a little flat. The zombie story was cute, though.

X-Force #20 - Not what the cover promised, but this was a good conclusion to X-23's solo story, i thought, although i still had trouble keeping track of which of the identically drawn women was which (despite that, i will concede that the drawn art arcs are better than the computer-generated arcs). The Necrosha crossover is going to slow down what looks to be some planned character development with Wolverine and X-23, as well as the Frost Giant plot, but that just means we have something to look forward to.

X Necrosha #1 - Someone said this is just Blackest Night for Marvel/X-Men, but i'm more than happy to see all of these old X-Characters returning (except, you know, Senyaka). Especially since i don't know nuthin' about Blackest Night. I enjoyed this and am looking forward to the crossover. The X-Men Legacy lead-in was the weakest bit, but i was still intrigued by the resurrection of Destiny.

New Mutants #6 - Keep this up and i'll have to keep getting this after the crossover. Guess that's the point, eh? I really enjoyed Doug's "interpreting" the New Mutant's body language as they interacted with Professor X. And, of course, the return of Warlock!

Secret Warriors #9 - See? Phobos is still alive. What are they talking about in Ares? Apparently this takes place before Dark Reign: The List - Secret Warriors, too. One day, i'll get to read all these comics in the right order. Probably in 2030, based on my current rate.

New Avengers #58 - I like Bendis' writing. I like Immomen's art (a lot). I like Bucky shooting Ares in the face. So, i like this comic.

And i think the whole reason they decided to do these Days of Marvel Past features is so they could re-run the John Romita Jr Hunk of the Month picture.

Divas #4 - Yeah, this was a great little mini. Really liked the art. Enjoyed the characterization. Paul O'Brien described the last issue as a bit "disease of the month". But we could use more drama in the Marvel line. And it was still light-hearted and fun. Hopefully we'll see more from this creative team.

Nova #30 - So wait, does that mean it's not really Monark Starstalker? I bought Marvel Premiere #32 for nothing? If true, i'll forgive them, only because this book was great. Just to make it clear, in case you weren't paying close attention, you've got a baby Fin Fang Foom fighting a bunch of Mindless Ones led by a super-evolved "Minded" One, and then the Ones all get teleported into Ego the Living Planet's brain cavity, which causes him to get a headache.

Hercules #137 - Honestly, Zeus' motivation for sending Hercules to Earth in Thor #124 was indeed extremely vague. And the fact that Van Lente (I'm assuming Van Lente, and not Pak) felt the need to create an explanation for that 44 years later is awesome. Overall, yeah, this was good, but i'm looking forward to Cho reuniting with Herc.

Guardians of the Galaxy #19 - Good story, but... whoever decided that killing off Cosmo was a good idea doesn't live in the min household. Ohboy. Not thrilled about Mantis dying either (you can keep Phyla). In a story involving time travel, multiple dimensions, and a cosmic cube, i can hold out hope that they aren't really dead. For a little while. But pleeease, Abnett & Lanning.... don't break up my happy home.

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where is the writer cause i'm gonna kick his ass