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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Deadpool #5 - No doubts on the decision to drop this in favor of Deadpool Team-Up.

Dark Reign - The List: Amazing Spider-Man #1 - Was the purpose of these List books to show Osborn continually lose? I guess he captured Hawkeye and killed the Punisher, but he's failed on all his other list items. Not quite what i was expecting. But these were a nice glimpse into what was going on for the books that i'm not reading.

Models #4 - This wasn't a great series, but it wasn't bad. I actually liked the little mini features where they commented on the costume designs from other current books best. Let's just say that i wouldn't necessarily buy an Origin of Iceman one-shot by the writer of this series.

Spider-Woman #3 - This isn't really picking up. I'm actually not sure if it makes sense to introduce the Hydra element before really getting into the alien hunting bit. But even beyond that, it's just dragging and i really hate the art.

Ares #2 - A totally different type of book than the first issue. But i like it. Nice mythology stuffs and the overt tribute to Ray Harryhausen. And it clears up the confusion from last issue - Phobos wasn't missing, it's just that Hera implied that he was in trouble.

Fantastic Four #573 - This was a terribly crafted book. A real disappointment. First, the cover was completely unrelated to the story. But that's not a surprise. Beyond that, we have a narrative frame that starts with Sue Storm telling Franklin that he's in trouble, but it proceeds with Franklin telling a story that has almost nothing to do with him, and it ends with Sue just happily tucking Franklin in bed, no reference to any "trouble", and a bizarre "reveal" that it's Franklin's birthday the next day. In the meantime we have a story where the two members of the Fantastic Four are completely ineffective, or rather just incidental to the plot. And the day is saved by the annoyingly super-intelligent Valeria, and off-panel at that. It was just a big mess. After the Reed-only arc, i was looking forward to a seeing how Hickman did with the Thing and Human Torch in this issue, but this was basically another Reed story except with Valeria playing the role of Reed this issue. And beyond that, it was just very poorly constructed.

New Mutants #7 - I felt like the pacing of this issue was a little off, with half the book devoted to the New Mutants reacting to the Hellions trying to get in the door, but i'm still liking this. I'd put the odds that i continue with this series after Necrosha X at about 50/50.

Secret Warriors #10 - Surprising to see this book focus exclusively on a mythological angle. Phobos' godliness has been pretty much downplayed in this series before, which makes sense for what's essentially a spy book. But that's not to say that i have a problem with the new focus for this issue. Quite good. I would have liked to see something of a debate between Balder, Hera, and Quetzalcoatl, but i guess Phobos' response to the first question pretty much shut them up, which was kind of cool. My only concern is figuring out when it could possibly make sense for Hercules and Hera to be in the same room together given the ongoing events in the Hercules book.

Thunderbolts #138 - Well written, but i'm going to have to give myself some time to decide if i care about these characters. And i think it's funny that the Agents of Atlas are going to be showing up here, too. Is it possible to over-expose a group that doesn't have its own book?

Dark Avengers #11 - Only complaint is that Moonstone should have made an attempt to get through to the Molecule Man with her psychological training. That aspect of her character seems to have been forgotten. Beyond that, i liked this a lot.

Realm of Kings #1 - When did i call it Realm of the Kings? I thought i was being scolded for that, but i must have misunderstood. Anyway, this was Quasar vs. the Cthulu Avengers and i liked it a lot.

Guardians of the Galaxy #20 - They were supposed to reveal that Cosmo wasn't really dead at the beginning of this issue. I guess they forgot. Next issue for sure.

Realm of Kings: Inhumans #1 - I liked Pablo Raimondi's art. The story was good too. I'd like to see more politics over super-fights, and i'm hoping that Maximus' obvious intentions aren't played out too quickly since we've been down that road enough times. But this was a good set-up. And seeing the Initiative Avengers show up was a surprise.

New Avengers #59 - It's a little odd seeing Brother Voodoo ready to work with the unregistered heroes. It wasn't that long ago that he was working with the registered heroes to counter-act Dr. Strange. I found that to be "wrong" at the time and i'd like to see that acknowledged either here or in Voodoo's book. Anyway, i guess now that it's Osborn and not Iron Man on the registered side he had a re-evaluation. I really liked the 'Luke Cage has friends and he never asked for a damn thing' bit. This was a good issue. And the tracker or whatever in the heart thing was kind of obvious, but it occurred to me that no one on this team has any kind of tech skills, so i guess it makes sense that they'd miss it. But what's up with Valkyrie? Not sure how i feel about the "thick and pasty" look.

Hercules #138 - Super good.

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