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And I Thought I Hated the Holidays

Fnord and i were plotting an imaginary vacation to get out of spending the holidays with our families, but even we didn't consider jail though faced with 12 hours of agonizing boredom with my relatives.

A Sicilian man stole sweets and a packet of chewing gum so he could get arrested and spend New Year's Eve in a jail cell rather than be with his wife and relatives, Italian media reported on Friday.

The 35-year old Sicilian first showed up at a police station on Thursday asking to be arrested because he preferred spending the night in prison rather than with his family, but was rebuffed because he had not committed a crime, the Agi news agency said.

The man immediately went to a tobacco shop next door, where he threatened the owner with a box cutter as he grabbed a few sweets and a packet of gum. He then waited until police arrived to arrest him for robbery, the news agency said.

By min | January 6, 2010, 2:48 PM | Ummm... Other?