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Who is this guy?

1983 was just a little bit before my time. I started collecting Marvel comics with Secret Wars in 1984. But I picked up a decent smattering of back issues in drug stores and the like after I started, and I would occasionally see this ad. I knew the Kingpin always kept at least one super-powered henchman. At the time I started reading, it was The Answer, and i knew that prior to that it had been Bullseye, who i recognized in this ad, and i'd also read about someone called "Elektra". But i always assumed that the guy in the middle of this ad was also some super-powered baddie, presumably with super-strength. But now having read through just about everything up through 1983, i'm realizing that it's not a super-powered guy at all. Unless it's someone really obscure that only appeared in a one-off Bill Mantlo Spectacular Spider-Man issue or something.

Most likely, i've realized, it's the low level goon/informant Turk who is the butt of a lot of jokes in Frank Miller's Daredevil. Yeah, that's definitely who it is. It's obvious now. But i guess it just took me a while to realize that since little me always assumed he was a super-villain.

By fnord12 | September 11, 2010, 2:51 PM | Comics