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Dude, What the Hell are You Talking About?

I'm super behind on reading my comics so i only just now came across this little gem in the Chaos War: Chaos King One-Shot. I'm sorry for not being more timely with my criticisms. I'm sure anyone who has read this has already forgotten what it was about. I don't blame you.

"As long as we still breathe, Chaos King, your destiny will asymptote."
     -Thrann, Zenn-La Saint of Science

This is just a small example of the sort of things Brandon Montclare has written in this issue (and the art's not so good either, Michael Wm Kaluta).

For those of you who don't remember what an asymptote is, it's the line that a curve approaches as they tend towards infinity. Wikipedia has pictures which make more sense than reading the words.

Your destiny will asymptote? You destiny is a line that some curve will approach over infinite time? What?

I don't think he's saying what he thinks he's saying, and even if he is saying what he thinks he's saying and he's using "asymptote" in a totally legitimate way, it's still wrong cause it just sounds wrong, and I'm sticking with that.

By min | February 10, 2011, 8:19 AM | Comics


He's a God from Zenn-La, so who are you to judge?

(I suspect he's saying something along the lines of you may get closer and closer to your goal but we'll make sure you never actually reach it.)

The important point is that entire issue was garbage.

I gotta stop getting these random crossover one-shots.