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It's a state rep, so i shouldn't really care, but still...

Kansas GOP Rep Connie O'Brien:

REP. O'BRIEN: My son who's a Kansas resident, born here, raised here, didn't qualify for any financial aid. Yet this girl was going to get financial aid. My son was kinda upset about it because he works and pays for his own schooling and his books and everything and he didn't think that was fair. We didn't ask the girl what nationality she was, we didn't think that was proper. But we could tell by looking at her that she was not originally from this country. [...]

REP. GATEWOOD: Can you expand on how you could tell that they were illegal?

REP. O'BRIEN: Well she wasn't black, she wasn't Asian, and she had the olive complexion.

O'Brien has been the target of scathing media coverage since her remark, and numerous Kansas Democratic Party lawmakers have asked her to apologize. For her part, O'Brien counters that she's been told she's "got olive complexion" and that she's not going to apologize until she's "had time to think."

To be fair, in the full transcript, it seems there was also an issue about the woman in question not having a driver's license. But O'Brien's response to Gatewood's question is the telling point here.

I'm tired of everyone being asked to apologize for the things they say. She didn't make a mistake. She didn't spill her oatmeal on someone by accident. She's dumb, she's a racist, and she said what she thinks. You can't just apologize for that.

By fnord12 | February 15, 2011, 10:33 AM | Liberal Outrage


has she also been told she looks asian?