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Sometimes You Just Read Something Awesome

And it just keeps getting more awesome the more you read. Link

The premise is 2 brothers in the UK who opened a theme park that they claimed would have "a multi-featured snow-covered Lapland village" featuring real reindeer, a bustling festive market and a "magical tunnel of light". They charged £30 for admission and raked in £1.2million in advanced ticket sales.

What they delivered was "a few miserable tethered huskies, a broken ice rink and a collection of cheap garden sheds dusted with fake snow."

So the people complained and they got taken to court and the judge said they had

...promised by deceit to satisfy dreams and have delivered misery by way of disappointment to thousands of people...

That was awesome thing #1. You can send people to jail for delivering misery by disappointment. I would send everyone to jail.

And then i read

The promised "beautiful snow covered log cabins", "delicious seasonal food" and "wonderful ice rink" proved equally illusory.

In fact, on arrival at the park, down a poorly signposted, potholed lane, visitors were greeted by a large concrete expanse and a traffic cone on which a sign had been perched reading "Lapland Way In". Instead of being greeted by an elf, as promised on the website, visitors had to give their tickets to a security guard in fluorescent tabard who, according to contemporary news reports, made a point of telling those coming in that they were being ripped off and later quit after a customer punched him in the head.

Which was awesome thing #2.

Finally, the article concluded with

The park went into liquidation four days after it opened, when bank support helping to fund the attraction was pulled amid a storm of negative publicity. By the time it shut its doors, according to press reports at the time, three elves had been assaulted by irate guests while Father Christmas himself received a punch on the nose by a father who had been queueing for four hours only to be told that his children couldn't sit in Santa's lap.

I think if you get to punch someone in the head, it might almost be worth the £30.

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