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Captain America and the Secret Avengers #1 - Well, yeah, this comic only wound up in my hands by accident, and everyone involved is truly sorry about the matter. Referring to this as a Secret Avengers issue is a bit misleading; Captain America and the Secret Avengers is downright false. What's wrong with Secret Avengers Presents: Black Widow and Agent 13? Not that changing the title would have fixed anything.

The Rob Liefeld back-up reprint (from Marvel Comics Presents #53) was surprisingly not horrible. I think the Bob Wiacek inks probably helped matters but it's true that the storytelling was actually pretty clear. And i liked the fight sequence. Reminded me of an old Jack Kirby sequence, except since it wasn't Kirby, they weren't tiny little men stabbing each other with fountain pens.

Captain America #616 - It's the 70th anniversary of Captain America. Is it a coincidence that it's issue 616? I hate anniversary issue because they are full of garbage. This issue has about 15 pages of actual story and a bunch of filler. Some timeline related comments on the first story: Crimson Dynamo IV, Yuri Petrovich, appeared in the Champions, 1976 publication date. That means Bucky was active as the Winter Soldier much later than i'd realized; i kind of thought he was active during the "Hero Gap" period and then put on ice. Now it looks like he was active concurrent to the modern Marvel heroes. I enjoyed the idea of Bucky having to fight a giant bear-man in a Russian prison; a little cliched but nicely drawn. I guess Ursa Major (and maybe the other members of the Winter Guard) were arrested after disobeying orders and helping War Machine fight those Skrulls? Seems odd that he'd be willing to take orders from Petrovich. Still, that was good enough.

Anything else in this book worth commenting on...? Brubaker's second story was too sentimental... Chaykin's story was crappy (and ugh, the art!)... i actually enjoyed concept behind the story about the small town that agreed to hide the AIM lab but i don't think it was done very well...the Baron Blood story's art was too "indie" for me... i might have liked the Hate-Monger clone story better if i wasn't already predisposed to not liking anything in this issue... and the Union Jack story was too sentimental.

Black Panther #516 - Spider-Man's a bit late; he's supposed to show up in your third issue. But i appreciate him showing up, because he's funny.

Avengers #11 - I like JRJR's art, but it's so distinctive that sometimes i make associations that i'm not supposed to. Like, since he drew the Eternals series, when i first turned the page to the scene with Xavier, i was sure that the big security robot thing was a Celestial. But still, i like the art, and i didn't mind that just about every page in this issue was a splash panel. Epic scope and all that. Good stuff. Good fights, nice cosmic scene with Eternity. Bendis did a better job summing up the Red Hulk and making me like him than Parker's been doing in his own book, i think. And now Thanos. We'll see if that's for real, considering that Abnett & Lanning left him stuck in the Cthuluverse.

Also, have i mentioned that i really like the Oral History segments in the back of all the Bendis Avengers books? I thought this was really funny regarding Mantis:

Mantis: This one cannot always control her destiny. This one often has to make choices, surprising choices.

Tony Stark: I was never thrilled with the fact that she always referred to herself as 'this one'.

Clint Barton: At first I thought it was a language thing and then I realized it was just a diva thing. "This one." I always wanted to go: which one? This one? Which one does when?

Secret Avengers #11 - I think i like Brubaker's Secret Avengers better than his Captain America recently (anniversary issue aside). We're delving into this John Steele from Brubaker's Marvels Project, and i'm enjoying that. I loved that weird Alien-head snake-leg thing from the Shadow Council that we got a glimpse of; first time in a while i've seen something in a comic that freaked me out a bit. Interesting stuff. And i liked (what seemed to me to be) the Beast setting up a Cerebro-like device that Cap could use to scan Steele's memories. I'll also say, and this is totally random, that i thought it was a nice touch that one of the scientists was kind of an overweight and messy looking guy; it seemed a bit more real to me. Scientists in comics are always of a certain 'type' and this guy didn't fit that mold. But mainly, i just think it's a well written book.

By fnord12 | April 5, 2011, 10:01 PM | Comics


CA&Secret Avengers: it was the best book in the pile. i wouldn't say i loved it, but i did enjoy it. esp the last bit about the dog in the trunk.

BP: the only redeeming part of this story is Spider-Man showing up and being himself.

Why does everyone in this comic look like they've got a gob of silly putty where their noses should be? Not to mention the artist keeps drawing out-of-costume BP as some old professor yet wants me to believe that not only did Storm marry him, but this Iris chick is so attracted to him that she can't seem to take no for an answer?

And yeah, it's kewl that the BP can rig up a device from some stuff he bought at the radio shack, but that it was his only plan for dealing with Vlad and that it could be so easily neutralized by pushing the button conveniently located on his belt....it was so sad when he just said "well, that's all i got. wonder how it'll turn out."

Avengers: once again, i love Spider-Man.

JRJR i love less. The watcher is a guy with a giant head. He isn't supposed to be a guy who has a fat head. i think he could rival the King Pin with his chins.

And i generally like Bendis, but not this time. The monologue by Uatu - the "oh, i really love you humans so much and i wish i could help but i just can't and it's breaking my heart" stuff...oy. i just kept wanting him to shut up. i don't care what Uatu thinks. i want to read dialogue between the actual participants.

Secret Avengers: the story's ok. the art i don't like. Conrad can't draw mouths. he's got the Liefeld-esque tapered chin and tiny lips and then ups the ante with teeth.

You know the Watcher has several interpretations, right? The big fat guy look is classic Kirby.


Also, the histrionic Watcher is classic Larry Lieber. ;-)


you're showing me a picture with Galactus in shorts. in shorts. i don't think anymore needs to be said.

Everyone knows God wears bermuda shorts.