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Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers - First, let's start with the obvious: I approve of the tagline "The Mighty Fighting Avengers" and i wish to see it used again in the future. This was an out of continuity 'Free Comic Book Day' book, and it was cute enough. Relatively well written with some funny bits. The art is deliberately cartoony in a way i don't love but it's fine for what it is. Odd to see Loki using dialect like "Don't blow this for me, bro", but i understand this issue was based on a series by this creative team and i guess it's consistent with that version of the character.

Hulk #33 - I've been told to "get off my cranky pants" and admit that i secretly love this book but am too bitter to admit that i only like things when they're new. Or something. So i'll start with the positive. I'm looking forward to seeing this Omegex the World Ender showing up next issue. He reminds me of the Asgardian Destroyer and/or Galactus' Punisher robot, so this should be a fight worthy of a Hulk. And anything that gets the focus off Zero/One will be good too. Did anyone else find it odd that here the Hulk is being chased by a rogue General and getting attacked by a mysterious new enemy, but when Steve Rogers calls him up to give him a new assignment, he just gets on board without even a peep about his current troubles? Even if we allow that Red Hulk wants to deal with his "personal" problems himself, one of his government issued LMDs has already been destroyed, so shouldn't he at least let Rogers know that there's things going on that could complicate his mission? Or something? Anyway, this book was great and i'm not wearing any pants!

Black Panther #518 - Whew. That story arc's finally over. Now we can drop this book.

Free Comic Book Day 2011 (Spider-Man) No. 1 Another free comic book day book. It was by Dan Slott so i was expecting crap, but it actually was a fun book. The Spider-Woman fight was cool (I would have thought that Spider-Woman, who is immune to poisons, would be immune the Mandrill's pheromones and i could swear that the issue already came up once during the Hood/Master of Evil plotline, but i'm ok with being wrong about that). Spider-Man getting some Kung Fu lessons from Shang Chi was cool. But this upcoming Spider-Island storyline looks silly, and i'm not a big fan of this Madame Web (who is Julia Carpenter now, apparently) idea that Spidey (and i guess Julia) have ties to the "web of life" because they have spider powers, so i'm not rethinking my Dan Slott avoidance. Still, a nice Free Comic Book Day bonus. Also, i'm really not a Humberto Ramos fan, but i enjoyed the art in this issue quite a bit.

Amazing Spider-Man #661 - Hey, look, i'm reading a post-Brand New Day issue of Spider-Man. But it's ok, cause everybody's favorite Christos Gage is guest-writing, and it features the Avengers Academy. I liked it a lot - the scene in the beginning with Mr. Fantastic accidentally insulting Spidey, the giant gorilla (who doesn't love a giant gorilla?), the appearance of the awesome Psycho-Man, and the fact that all of it was directly related (Psycho-Man inflicting Spidey with guilt/the gorilla coming from the Microverse). In my first read, i felt like Spider-Man wasn't doing a good job managing the class and that it was a deliberate attempt to make the Academy kids look kewler than Spidey, but on reflection it was clearly due to Psycho-Man's influence. Good stuff.

Avengers Academy #14 - Now, despite the fact that Amazing Spider-Man #661 ended with the Academy kids getting hit with Psycho-Man's fear ray while teamed up with Spider-Man, and the fact that the cover of this issue features the Academy kids facing off against what appeared to be a horrifically distorted version of Spider-Man's rogue gallery, it turns out that this issue is not a continuation of that one. It's completely unrelated. And it turns out that's what the Sinister Six actually looks like nowadays. What the hell happened to Doctor Octopus (and, to a lesser degree, Electro)? That all out of the way, i enjoyed this. I like the fact that the Academy kids got their butts handed to them by the Sinister Six; they're kids in training and it's good that they can't win a fight against a major group like that (my opinion is that these villains could hold their own against a real team of Avengers; i'd like to see that some day). Also, watching Henry Pym get punked by Doc Ock was enjoyable.

Avengers #13 - I suppose if i write something like "Since it's written by Matt Fraction, the only i do fear is Fear Itself" people will just groan, so i'll pretend that i didn't write it, but when i saw that the event was crossing over into the Avengers, i was a little disappointed. But it turns out that this issue doesn't really have much to do with Fear Itself at all. It's basically an illustrated version of one of the interview transcripts that have been appearing in the backs of all the Avengers books, and i'm a fan of those, so this worked out well for me. Three minor complaints: 1) Spider-Man violating Bob's vomit rules, 2) As far as i know, there's no reason why General Ross would have such a hankering for raw eggs (but i guess being a Hulk has affected his appetite? The real Hulk sure did love his beans.), and 3) Volstagg seemed a little out of character. Also, not a complaint, but i guess the Skrull currently impersonating Jarvis didn't have a good reference photo.

Herc #2 - Good stuff!

Herc #3 - Even better stuff! Except it felt like the Fear Itself plot kind of interrupted the main plot towards the end there. Felt a little incongruous after introducing the 'hero of the people' concept. But i guess that's the point. And i enjoyed the Hercules/Man-Bull "team-up".

Heroes For Hire #7 - Good stuff, tying everything back to the earlier arc. Looking forward to seeing Misty actually get in on the action next issue.

New Avengers #12 - Yep, fake Red Skull. I'm still kind of waiting to see where the 50s Avengers plot is going - so far there's no indication regarding how (or if) it ties in with the Superia story in the modern timeline. But i'm enjoying it.

New Mutants #25 - Wow, i thought this was really good. Nice to see Abnett & Lanning following up on the previous team's plots and doing so well with the character moments. Very cool. And i like the new mission statement ("Go around and tie up all the X-Men's unresolved plot points"). Plus i'll finally get a good story involving the Sugar-Man. So far i've had no good justification for owning his toy except that he looks cool.

Alpha Flight #.1 - Ok, i liked this a lot. Not sure if this .1 issue is actually leading in to a series or if it's some kind of standalone or trial balloon (i'd ask Wanyas but he gets mad at me when i don't remember what i've agreed to collect. i'm sitting here reviewing 14 books ferchrissakes! That's only 2 week's worth!). Hope it's the former. The one thing that's weird though is that cut-out panel at the end with Marrina. The team is posing for the press after saving the day, and then there's that weird panel with Marrina flipping the bird and shouting about how the press loves to photograph the freak. First, totally out of character from the old days, so i guess there's been some changes. Second, it didn't seem to fit at all with what was going on. Really odd.

Thunderbolts #157 - This has definitely become my favorite book.

By fnord12 | May 25, 2011, 10:40 PM | Comics


Alpha Flight - I liked it except for the weird Marrina lashing out scene at the end. Also, i hope Jean-Paul makes up his mind fast about whether or not he's on the team cause it'll be annoying to have him constantly showing up and talking about how he doesn't work for the establishment and giving Guardian a hard time.

I did think it was weird that nobody paid any attention to what Kara Killgrave was shouting about. I mean, a) she used to be part of Beta Flight b) it's not like she was robbing a bank or something else with obvious gains. So unless she's always been some fruity political wack job, shouldn't they be a tiny bit curious as to what she's going on about?

Avengers - awful. pointless. shut up already. who cares about your feelings? go fight stuff.

Amazing Spider-Man - sadly, spidey under the influence of psycho man doesn't get to be spidey so this book was only so so for me, esp since i can't stand the avengers academy kids. i think i most enjoyed the thing.

Capt America/Thor - it was ok and it was free. 'nuff said.

Free Spider-man - if madame webb's involved, i don't want to know about it. but it was also free and not awful.

Herc - let me know when he has his powers back

Heroes for Hire - I like spider-man. i don't know if that's enough to want to read more.

New Avengers - well, when you skip all the horribly drawn 50s Avengers crap, there's really not much to this issue.

New Mutants - so far, i'm enjoying the various characters. i didn't care for the previous story arc that took place in limbo so i hope this turns out better.

Thunderbolts - if only someone really would take away her moonstone....