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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Hulk #34 - So i thought this issue was going to be a fight with Omegex the World Ender, but instead it's a weird parallel version of Planet Hulk, which i opted to not read the first time and the fact that basically the same thing would happen again is completely unbelievable (and don't give me any "it's comics, it's all unbelievable" guff). The good news is this is a two parter so it'll be over soon, but i've just about had it with this book.

Heroes For Hire #8 - Well, that's it for Spider-Man and this stuff just really isn't very good, so sorry Abnett & Lanning: i love you guys on the space books, but we're out of here.

Herc #4 - I don't know if i'm missing anything due to not getting Fear Itself, but i feel like i am. I'm also a little confused - we took Hercules' godlike powers away to give him more street level adventures, and yet here it is issue #4 and he's fighting... Greek gods? I dunno. The Cranky Pants must be in full effect today cause i didn't really love this either, but i'll stick with it and hope it gets better after Fear Itself and/or this current plotline. We also have a Man-Bull problem - he's roaming free here, but he's also currently escaping in a jailbreak in this month's issue of Thunderbolts. Slaves to continuity my cranky-pantsed ass.

Thunderbolts #158 - Unless there's more than one Man-Bull. They're certainly drawn differently enough. This was good though. I liked Juggernaut on the Thunderbolts but i also like classic bad-guy Juggernaut so i guess if Fear Itself eventually re-establishes the old status quo it'll be good for something. Beyond that, i like the new team of bad guys and the conflicts that are getting set up there.

Avengers Academy #14.1 - I honestly don't mind that this book seems to come out once a week. I enjoyed the Corporate Molecule Man bad guy and his manipulations but also the fact that Finesse figured him all out. Good stuff even if it felt a little too status-quo maintaining: i would have thought at least one of the team, probably Striker, would have been tempted by "The Alchemist's" offer. Also: seeing the team get beat by the Sinister Six last time was cool enough, but i also enjoyed them getting thrashed by Ruby Tuesday at the beginning of this issue. Am i some sort of twisted sicko that likes watching teenagers get beaten up by super-villains? No, i just think that if a group is meant to be a team of newbies, they should act like a team of newbies.

By fnord12 | June 6, 2011, 10:28 PM | Comics


Herc - still waiting for him to get his powers back.

H4H - the page of exposition from Batroc recapping the end of the previous issue supposedly to his employer on the phone was awful. ofc, i've been told i have no talent for exposition, so perhaps i'm just not able to appreciate the beauty of this long-winded, unnecessary retelling of events.

TB - H4H Satana is way hotter and less annoyingly chatty than TB Satana. although, fnord did remind me that TB Satana inappropriately groped Moonstone in a previous issue, so that earns her some points. as for Man-Bull - TB Man-Bull appears less stupid than Herc Man-Bull. he's trading insults with the guy in the next cell over whereas Herc Man-Bull talks like a child.

H4H addendum - i forgot to complain about Paladin "tweeting" Satana. really? he needed her help on demonica weapons that they're covertly tracking, and he sent her a message on twitter - a public forum? he didn't feel that mebbe he should call her or send a text directly to her? did he also tweet her pictures of his underpants?