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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Annihilators #4 - The main story wrapped up pretty well. I guess Quasar's annoying self-doubt was actually set up for some character development and not just whining, so that's good. And we get a little Cosmo at the end. Overall, i thought this was a little weaker than past Abnett/Lanning space books, but it was still good, and i see that there's another series already in the works that's based on Earth, which could be interesting. I assume it's by Abnett/Lanning but the ad doesn't actually say so. Hrmm. Anyway. Random observation: a whole planet of Dire Wraiths, and not a single male? What's up with that? Regarding the Rocket Raccoon/Groot back-up: i did not like it, sir.

New Avengers #13 - There have been some Cranky Pants complains that Mike Deodato is not a good story teller, but i don't see it. His action sequences are entirely readable and pretty cool. Ms. Marvel flies in at Superia , Superia pulls a gun, and in the next panel you see Marvel blasted away in the background while Cage fastball-specials Danny. Next two panels show Danny flying through the air and then Iron Fisting through a plane. And then Ms Marvel, recovered, catching Danny. Nice little fight sequence. A page later, Dr. Strange magicks away Superia's briefcase, a scene which could easily be confusing but Deodato pulls it off pretty well. I don't know what the problem is. At least we can all agree that the Chaykin art is horrible, and that the whole 1950s Avengers plot was absolutely unnecessary. "Superia has a super-soldier formula" does not require a continuity insert where Sabertooth and Kraven the Hunter were the original Avengers. Still, this issue was pretty good - i like the idea of Mockingbird getting a super-soldier upgrade, i'm enjoying the double-agent guessing regarding Victoria Hand, and Bendis is good at writing the team interactions. I know he was worried about how i'd rule on this, but i'm giving Bendis the go-ahead to continue writing the Avengers books for a while, and of course Deodato may stay on art.

By fnord12 | June 14, 2011, 7:55 PM | Comics


Annihilators - a comic book is not the medium for endless exposition. most of this story was quasar talking about what was happening instead of us just seeing what was happening with real time dialogue thrown in. it's like reading a really boring d&d recap where nobody's arms get torn off by their teammate.

i like Cosmo and i like Groot.

NA - was anyone really worried that Mockingbird (who they went to all the trouble of bringing back at the end of the Skrull Invasion story) was going to die from this gunshot wound? anyone? i also have no problems with Deodato's storytelling. i'd like to correct fnord, though - that's Jessica Jones catching Iron Fist, not Ms Marvel. you can tell cause her butt's covered by her pants, for one thing.

one mistake made in the art: as we see from previous panels, Dr Strange is wearing a green trench, and we all know he has dark hair with the white sides. Nick Fury's coat color is debatable when he first shows up, but we do know his hair's usual brown with white. in the panel where they're all standing around Mockingbird's bed, the word bubble points to the guy with dark hair and a green trench, and it says "This ain't your call, Barton." i think we can agree Dr Strange is not saying "ain't your call" to anyone.

then brown hair trench coat guy says "You don't know how her body will react." and in keeping with Dr Strange's later line of "We have no idea how stable this is.", it makes sense for it to be him in that earlier panel, worried (as a doctor) how her body will react to the formula.

i enjoyed the throwing of Iron Fist and Jessica's comment about Spider-Man being a super science smart guy. I wish someone would pay poor Peter Parker for all his work, though.