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Avengers Academy #17 - Look, i remember when the Wasp and Ant-Man had to face off against Absorbing Man and Titania during the Siege of Avengers Mansion storyline. And that was an un-Godified Absorbing Man and Titania. If the Academy kids manage to defeat those two next issue, it's time to start handing out diplomas. I don't love the idea that Absorbing Man's hate for Henry Pym is so great that it overrides his deity imprint. Thor, i could buy. But just cause Pym beat him recently, that doesn't seem to be enough. Although, i guess to be fair, we all hate Pym. I did think this was a good issue. Great art by Chen, and good character moments.

Herc #6 - Other than the power-ups for Hercules' new villain-buddies, which was cool but i hope (and assume) was not permanent, this went pretty much the way you'd expect it to after last issue. Last issue had all sorts of cool ideas and a lot of build-up, but the problem with conclusions is they often are a little bit of a letdown. Not saying i didn't enjoy this, just not as much as last issue. Although the silly/ridiculous "Brooklyn's my town!" was a high point.

Hulk #38 - Um, hi! My name is Omegex the World Destroyer? I'm hovering over your planet and i'm going to, um, destroy it! I was kind of thinking the Red Hulk might want to try and stop me, so i've been politely hovering up here for oh, 3 or 4 months. Is it... can i... next issue? You promise? Ok, it's just... there's a guy with a website who's irrationally very found of me based on not much more than my name and my vague resemblance to some Kirby robots, and i really wouldn't want to disappoint him.

As for this issue, i'll just say this: I've been defending those Avengers talking heads issues on the grounds that it's a fine way to tread water during Fear Itself. But if you had told me the alternative was an all-MODOK issue, well, i mean, that would have been a different story. Also, if MODOK likes Zero/One, that's good enough for me.

Thunderbolts #161 - Fear Itself is the first big Marvel crossover in a while that i've deliberately avoided. And i was worried at first that i'd made the wrong decision. As bad as i thought it would be (and it sounds like i was right), i thought i'd feel like i was missing out on important stuff. But, Buckywintercap dying aside, it turns out i'm enjoying the series more by not actually reading it. I get the basic gist of the story, and i only have to read the parts by creators that i like. It's a revelation!

By fnord12 | August 8, 2011, 9:41 PM | Comics


Herc - ugh, the art. not as bad as Liefeld or anything, but there's plenty of "weird" faces. usu involving wide open mouths. and really? the "i'm a slut" stance she's taking when she's preparing to behead her dad? she'd be lucky not to pull a muscle trying to swing a sword like that. the colorist forgot who they were coloring. the priestess/waitress chick went from having brown hair to black hair.

glad this story's done.

TB - that last page where the bio-engineered monsters are coming out of the water - could the Thunderbolts be any slower to react and more useless? they see them coming out of the water. they have a little discussion about them. and then just stand there going "oh noes!" while the things are attacking all the people on the beach. stupid Thunderbolts.