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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

New Avengers #15 - So Squirrel Girl's a real badass, huh? I enjoyed this. Her squirrel swarm is hilarious. But Bendis does a good job of making her a real, non-joke character, as well. Relatively speaking. Fun stuff. But let's get serious here for a second. If Wolverine, without claws, without relying on his healing factor, can beat Iron Fist in hand-to-hand combat, i guess we'd better kick Fist off the team. Because Iron Fist is supposed to be the best hand-to-hand fighter this side of Shang Chi, and Wolverine's fighting style is supposed to be "plow through and take the hits and let the healing factor deal with it". So if the best martial artist can't handle Wolverine, he's just not adding anything to the group.

Alpha Flight #3 - This series is clearly designed for those of us who loved the original Byrne run. And that's me! My only complaint continues to be Marrina. I guess i kind of liked the new character, whoever she is, this issue. Which is better than earlier, when i thought she was bratty and annoying. But when the Unity scientists say, "Marrina has consistently been rated Alpha Flight's most anti-social and rebellious member", i worry that they're never going to actually try and explain to me what happened here. But that aside, i liked this. The team's quibbling, Shaman's new corny sense of humor, the whole government conspiracy plot... good stuff.

New Mutants #29 - Nowadays, i always have trouble telling Magma and Magik apart. "Blond girl." If i see Magik first, then it's "Oh yeah, she's the one with the bangs". But if i see Magma first, i'm in trouble, especially when it's a new artist. Luckily, there's the recap page. Oh wait.

New Mutants #29 recap

Anyway, this was good. I think i like the new artist's Warlock. And i of course like Doug and Warlock, although i'm a bit worried that Doug has become both Exposition Boy and Do Whatever the Plot Requires Boy.

By fnord12 | August 17, 2011, 11:16 AM | Comics