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SuperMegaSpeed Reviews

Avengers #16 - Is this better? Very light on the talking heads, and a randomish but Fear Itself related story? Anyway, i liked it even though it was clearly designed to not move any plot forward. You know why i liked it? The Red Skull's Exiles. Except for one very major complaint. It should be a requirement that when using the Exiles, and Cadavus, Monarch of the Murder Chair, the phrase "Murder Chair" be used very prominently. Because nothing is more awesome than a Murder Chair.

Avengers Academy #18 - Well, i was concerned that the Academy kids would beat the godified Absorbing Man and Titania too easily, and clearly that didn't happen. I guess i felt like there was too much running around and nothing really happening. A "decompression" complaint i guess; you'd think i'd be used to that by now. My hopes were kinda raised when they reached the conclusion that "If everyone's worried that we're going to grow up to become super-villains, maybe we should start acting like super-villains." I thought that would be a turning point in the story, but actually not so much. Still, this was well written, and i enjoyed seeing *tic* Bug's people at the end.

Captain America #2 - Who would have thought Brubaker would have been such a continuity miner. This Jimmy Jupiter character is going to have me picking up some very strange back issues, apparently. And at the end, we get the Ameridroid, who between this book and Stern's Corps book is getting way more play than i'm sure anyone could have ever imagined. All that and some nice writing and art, too.

Captain America Corps #3 - Hey, what can i tell you? It's Roger Stern playing with continuity and doing some great characterization. The silliness of the premise seems less important with every issue. And i think the art is improving as well.

Hulk #39 - From the cover, i see that my favorite new character Omegex has picked up a second tagline to go with "The World Destroyer". He's now "The Walking Apocalypse" as well. I approve. I'm glad i stuck with this book. For whatever reason i didn't like the Zero/One stuff and the Planet Hulk Redux plotline, but i'm definitely enjoying it again.

Thunderbolts #162 - Great book. Satana is just awesome. Mr. Hyde is awesome. Giant-Sized Man-Thing is awesome. Centurious is pretty cool. The "evil" Thunderbolts plot is going to be interesting.

New Mutants #30 - I enjoyed the Mephisto conversation; i thought that was done really well. And i liked that big weird shark man that ate Dani.

Captain America & Bucky #621 - Continues to be good... waiting to see what comes of it. And from a timeline project perspective, i'm waiting to see when Bucky's narration takes place.

By fnord12 | August 28, 2011, 1:40 PM | Comics


and remember, the Murder chair also functioned as Cadavus' toilet (probably).I want a MURDER CHAIR.

Great, you've just ruined the Murder Chair for me.