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DC Buggering Up More Stuff

Wonder Woman gorillasWanyas told us a couple of weeks ago that DC was doing yet another Olympian Gods take in Wonder Woman. And we all groaned because a) it's been done to death in this title and b) it always ends up sucking. Now, it seems like it's going to suck on a whole new level of sucktitude.

Everyone who felt Wonder Woman's origin made her less "relatable" please raise your hands.

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that nobody reading this blog is raising their hands. But on the off chance that some of you are, just keep that to yourselves, ok? I got a rant to get through.

What the hell is wrong with DC?

A storyline in the amazing Amazon's newly relaunched comic will reveal she's actually the daughter of Zeus, the thunderbolt throwing father of the Olympian gods.
In the original comics, Wonder Woman's mother, Amazon queen Hippolyta, fashioned her baby Diana out of clay, and the clay was given life and superpowers by Greek goddesses.

When they relaunched their entire line of comics last month, DC Comics figured it was a good time to break the mold.

"In this case, making her a god actually makes her more human, more relatable," DC co-publisher Jim Lee said.


"We're approaching all the classic characters in a way that feels true to their origins but thoroughly modern," Lee said.

Was there a clamoring for changes in origin stories that I wasn't aware of? Specifically, Wonder Woman's origin? Did anyone really have an issue with this? Or felt that, like records or phones with cords, it wasn't something teens of today could relate to?

The whole point of Wonder Woman and the Amazons was that they represented feminist ideals, that they were strong women who were empowered by women. Now DC is taking that back and saying "no, she's actually just another one of Zeus' by-blows" and this is somehow making her better and more interesting to read about.

You want to know what really makes Wonder Woman a better read? More talking gorillas. Man, i loved thosed gorillas...

Oh, and why are you interviewing Jim Lee? The man doesn't have spare time to talk to you. He prolly has a backlog of things he promised a year ago that he still has to finish drawing. Quit distracting him!

By min | October 10, 2011, 11:23 AM | Comics


I agree with this post 100%.

and once you say that Wonder Woman is going to have a father reveal, the obvious answer is Zeus, and, so, should not be it.

Where the hell is my Justice League #2?

Always scheduled for the end of the month.