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It's a gun. You shoot it.

As a back-up plan, they're appealing to your patriotism here.  Ricochet to freedom!  It will be a bicentennial smash!  If you don't buy this product, you don't love America.

'Even big enough for you?'  Is Spidey suggesting Cap's been putting on a few pounds?

Sometimes i'd get stuck at my grandma's house or whatever, and i'd only have brought a couple of toys, so after a while i'd start making up things to do with them that the toy companys never intended. Like i had a plastic magic kit with secret and sliding compartments and stuff that would make it seem like you could make things disappear, and instead i used it as a playset for my Star Wars figures.

But for this product, the manufacturer is going right for the "bored with it already" scenario. Ok, we know it's just a lame gun that you shoot at the web target. So pretend, like, it's Spider-Man and Captain America trying to bust out of a big web net that aliens put over the White House! That's really pulling out all the stops and you have to give them some credit for imagination, but in the end it's just a gun.

By fnord12 | October 29, 2011, 8:35 PM | Comics