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Herc #9 - I enjoyed the father/son squabbling, but it just reminded me of when there used to be a Herc/Amadeus Cho buddy book and i'm sad that it's not being published anymore. Beyond that, the art's a little weird, but the dialogue and the plotting was all great. It's a shame, really. It feels like this book was almost all crossovers, and then it was cancelled. You theoretically need the crossovers to get new readers on the book. But the writing is better when we're not in crossover mode.

Alpha Flight #5 - I kind of have characterization problems with Alpha Flight robbing a bank and consorting with the Taskmaster, whatever their long term goals. Another random quibble is that Snowbird seems to be going right for the really outrageous creatures to change into. Sure, it makes sense that she should be able to turn into a dinosaur or the Wendigo since they both are/were creatures of the north. But normally she turns into, like, a bear. So why all of the sudden is she going for these super powerful creatures? Why not always be a dinosaur if it's that easy? But that's a quibble. I am enjoying this book, and using Aurora's multiple-personality disorder as a trojan horse is a cool idea.

Captain America Corps #5 - Isn't it amazing that this book actually worked its way up so it's not the first (and therefore least anticipated) book in my pile? I mean, this is a book about five Captain Americas plucked from various points in time dealing with alternate reality nonsense. On paper, no way i should have liked this. But i actually did. That's Roger Stern for you. That said, while i did enjoy this issue, i thought the ending was a bit unsatisfying. Tath Ki saves the day with no twist (i thought maybe he'd turn out to be a bad guy or working his own angle) and then like a third of the book is dedicated to the characters wandering around back in their own dimensions going "I know something important just happened but i don't really know what". Eh. Still good. Hopefully they've got Stern working on something else now.

Hulk #43 - I enjoyed the Secret Avengers fight (nice snappy dialogue), and the Arabian Knight character was well handled. I do think Valkyrie got short shrift. She didn't have a great showing against either the Hulk or the Knight and unless her power levels are dramatically different than they used to be, she should have done much better against both. I'm also interested in the Rigellian angle. I thought it was interesting that the Red Hulk asks Machine Man if he's just programmed to record and stay out of the fight; i'm wondering if that's leading up to a Machine Man / Rigellian Recorder meeting, which could be cool (or maybe i'm too big a nerd for my own good). I'll also note that this seemed to be more of a classic low key Machine Man; no sign of the the Nextwave-ish personality that he had in the Ms. Marvel series. Anyway, this is a good series. Certain people who have stopped reading this book really ought to consider reading it again.

New Avengers #17 - I enjoyed the big Ultimo fight and then the way we rewound and watched it all again from the villains' perspective. That's a cool storytelling device. I've seen some complaints online that Wolverine's slashes should have counted as kinetic energy... i'm assuming that's a minor art problem where his slashes were supposed to be more like surgical strikes than blunt attacks. Anyway, good stuff. I like how they are playing up Osborn's Spider-Man hatred. I hope we can agree that with Fear Itself out of the way, Bendis is writing some good Avengers stories again.

Avengers #18 - Of course this is an all downtime issue, which i am always a fan of but i bet after 18 issues of talking heads some people were hoping that we'd start with a little more plot. Also we have here a cover that asks "Who will be the new Avengers?" (not, "Who will be the New Avengers?", mind you), but doesn't answer that question on the inside (unless you count the preview cover of next issue) and doesn't even pretend to look at all of the intriguing candidates that the cover shows. I'll admit I was a little annoyed when the .1 issue revealed that Osborn is going to be the main bad guy for the upcoming year, but i think it's being set up well enough.

By fnord12 | October 25, 2011, 11:06 PM | Comics


Herc: are they kidding with this Elektra pose?

AF: ooh, it just started getting interesting to me so i suggest you all not get too attached. my one complaint is that Snowbird turned into a T-rex. I know dinosaurs roamed the earth so having been in what's now Canada is possible, but c'mon. she should turn into obviously Canadian-esque animals. i love T-rexes. we know i do, but using one here is lame.

Hulk: the Arabian Night just up and smashes a window for no reason. is he just an asshole? he couldn't use a door??

NA: Wolverine's slashes should definitely have been kinetic energy, surgical strikes or not. i definitely had a problem with that. also, Wolverine's blood? like you can't get a sample of that just about anywhere Wolverine's been. the man intentionally throws himself into situations where his heart can get ripped out (cause writers have upped his healing factor to ridiculous levels). there's Wolverine DNA available anywhere.

i hate that Osborn's the bad guy the Avengers have to fight. it's Osborn. he's a Spider-man villain. yes, Spider-man's on the Avengers, but he would never achieve Avenger level status on his own, and that's basically what Osborn's got. he's the head of the organization. he's got loyal followers through no effort of his own. he's got AIM and hydra coming to him. when the govt put him in charge of the Thunderbolts, ok. he had backing. what's next? the Shocker takes over Europe? i can buy Osborn as one in a group that together are powerful, but not him at the head. bah.

Avengers: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones bought Avengers mansion? was that when he gave cap a dollar? i thought cap installed them there cause they were part of the team that lives in Avengers mansion. just like there was a team that lived in the tower. that lady on the last page has an octopus on her head. does it smell fishy? does she have to keep it moist? did she choose this look?

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