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We go to Vegas for the food

The guy who owns the Wynn and Encore casinos is apparently vegan, so all of his restaurants have vegan options. They're very fancy, though. "Business casual" dress code. Luckily this was partially a business trip.

Here's the chocolate cake dessert. That spring thingy on the passion fruit sorbet is actually edible.

Dessert at Steve Wynn's Encore

And here is min's tea.

Triangle Tea Bag at Steve Wynn's Encore

This would make more sense at the Luxor

If you're Vegan in Vegas, you should also rent a car so you can go to Veggie Delight in "China town", and Ronald's Donuts, and the Red Velvet Cafe.

Sadly Atomic Number 7, where they would custom make ice cream (Your choice of "milk", including soy, rice, almond or coconut) is going out of business, which we sadly discovered only after driving all the way there.

By fnord12 | October 14, 2011, 10:45 PM | My stupid life