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Everybody Needs to Start Putting the Lid Down

Why the hell didn't you people tell me this ages ago???

Beginning in the 1960s, an entire field of science aimed to understand the story of bathroom bacteria [4]. These studies revealed that when you flush the toilet with the lid up that bacteria can go up to six feet through the air (including onto your toothbrush)...

WTF, people! Now i have typhoidcholeradysentary, and it's all your goddamned fault.

And i thought Happy Slip's mom was nuts. She knew it all along!

Ooh! Spam!

By min | November 24, 2011, 9:25 PM | Science


How did you not know this. Why do you think I always put the lid down.

since you didn't make sure your guests were informed of this, i would say your toothbrush has most likely been compromised by the meest.