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Marvel Sales


It's the DC 52 launch month, so Marvel's behind in units for once, and tied in dollars.

Also, none of the "point one" issues sold as well as the regular series, which means they all failed to bring in any new readers if that was, er, the point, and Marvel would have been better off just publishing another issue of the regular series. Shame. But i would spin this to further my pro-continuity agenda. These things were advertised as a clean jumping on point, but obviously retailers didn't think that any of their customers would be interested in reading a book if only they weren't so intimidated by ongoing storylines. If anything, some customers stayed away from these on the grounds that they wouldn't really "matter" from a continuity perspective. Therefore: more continuity!

I know that reasoning is flawed on multiple levels, but that's what i'm going with.

It's better than arguing that we need more variant covers, which is where the sales bumps really come from.

By fnord12 | November 10, 2011, 10:35 PM | Comics