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More Police Aggression at an Occupy Site

Cops repeatedly ram students with batons at Occupy Cal at UC Berkeley today.

What is it with cops and their love of beating down skinny teenagers? I've seen i before when fnord and i used to go to protests. It's not uncommon to see 3 beefy cops tackle a 19 yr old who prolly weighed all of 130lbs when wet. Is it the thrill of an opponent you know has no chance of fighting back, because if that's the case, i think we need better psychological criteria when deciding if someone should be allowed to carry around a weapon and use it at their discretion on the populace.

By min | November 10, 2011, 7:38 PM | Liberal Outrage

Reference from SuperMegaMonkey

Two weeks ago, I heard about students at UC Davis who were pepper sprayed at point blank range while doing nothing more than sitting on the ground with their arms linked. I heard that the NYPD raided Zuccotti Park in...    Read More: Department of Homeland Security Behind OWS Crackdown