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Sometimes i just link to Paul Krugman

Oligarchy obfuscators.
On hypocrite and patriots.

Just a point on this that i've made before: we're in a depression here. It's not really a good time to raise taxes on anyone. We can do that later, when unemployment isn't 9%. Now we need to create demand. We're only talking about raising taxes because certain people tried to pivot from economic recovery to deficit reduction. And if we need to reduce the deficit, then we need to tax the people who have all the money. They tried to use this economic crisis as an excuse to cut social programs, and it's backfired on them and now they're on the defensive. Thanks only to the Occupy Wallstreeters, not the Dem leaders.

By fnord12 | November 4, 2011, 2:56 PM | Liberal Outrage


on that note, i don't think we've supported Occupy Wall Street enough. The locals might not agree, but OWS has done more for us than the Dems.

What's their 2 month deadline?