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Dragon Age II

I guess it's a testament to something that we played it all the way through, but:

  • It's insane how, not only did you have to keep going to the same dungeons over and over again, but even when it was a different dungeon, it was still the same dungeon.
  • Same thing with the bad guys. All the same stuff as the first game, repeat ad nauseum. The new statue monsters in the final fight were cool.
  • We ran out of interesting things to pick on the upgrade trees about half-way through the game. They should have added more passive abilities. There's only so many different types of attacks you can have that basically just translate to "you hurt somebody".
  • The equipment upgrades! Oy! Which crappy minor bonus do you want today? What's better, +14 attack or +28 health? Who knows? And the star system was no help at all. And i love finding a ring in a barrel by the docks that's just called "Ring" and it's better than the Awesome Band of Spectacularness that was dropped after the boss fight on my last quest. This is a problem in general lately. Too many magic items, each one barely incrementally better than the last, and often offering a choice that you have no idea how to make (do i want to give up my 2% magic resistance for +13 mana?). I'm not saying they should go back to the Zelda approach of "Wooden Sword", "Metal Sword", "Master Sword" and that's it, but a happy medium is needed.
  • The inability to give your companions armor that you find was just a bizarre choice. Especially when to get the official companion armor upgrades, you just had to stumble around randomly. Didn't go to every single shop in Act One? Guess you're screwed.
  • Similarly, several of the quests just had you wander around randomly hoping you'll bump into whatever you're looking for.
  • And many of the quests were just weird. You find some random item in a barrel somewhere. It tells you your Codex was updated (yeah, like i'm reading that). Then later you talk to someone because they have an icon over there head and it's Quest completed! Yay?
  • As for the main story, such as it was, or wasn't: Bleh.

I know. Gripe, gripe gripe. And it's all old news at this point; we're always behind on our games. Next up, for winter vacation: Tactical RPGs! Enchanted Arms and/or Record of Agarest War.

By fnord12 | December 15, 2011, 10:47 AM | Video Games


and in the beginning, they kept killing off people you spent time upgrading! annoying.

heard these complaints already. didn't bother playing the game. its sorta like a repeat of knights of the old republic I and II.