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What's Your Christmas Tree Look Like?

Finally, someone figured out what to do with those stupid white fake trees.

Hello Kitty Christmas

Not exactly my choice of holiday decoration, but what the hey.

Now, this is pretty kewl.

Ph'nglui merry mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl christmas fhtagn

Faced with the realisation that we suddenly had room enough to put up our own Christmas tree, I was initially at a loss when considering how to decorate it. We have no ornaments and the idea of shopping for them made me drowsy. I can't remember what first brought to mind the image of a tree covered in tentacles (perhaps it's best not to ask), but as soon as I envisioned it I couldn't let go of the idea.

Using an artificial tree, blue string lights, silver garland, one plush Cthulhu (who has been silently biding his time in my home for years), approximately 50 Cthulhu Tentacles, and a little heady chanting (no one wants to upset the Great Old Ones), "A very Lovecraft Christmas" became a reality. I'm rather pleased with the results. Let's hope the Old Ones are too. I'm beginning to suspect that it writhes when I'm not looking.

I think the Cthulu plushy is adorable.

Now i want a tree of something kewl. *pout*

h/t Spored to Death

By min | December 20, 2011, 6:53 PM | Cute Things