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Muggle Quidditch? Cereally?

If you harbored a mental picture of Oxford students being all prim and proper, harbor it no more.

To onlookers it may have seemed outlandish and bizarre, but to these mostly teenage Oxford students it was the realisation of a dream. For Quidditch, the game they grew up reading about in the pages of Harry Potter books, is no longer a fictional activity played by witches and wizards in the air. It is a fast-paced and disconcertingly rough team sport that is played firmly on the ground and results in very real cuts and bruises.
Instead of flying, players run with broomsticks between their legs, and instead of a golden ball with wings attached, the Snitch is a person dressed in yellow.

One student is quoted as saying he hopes to make people "see Quidditch as a sport in its own right".

Yes, i'm sure many share your hopes and aspirations that a game involving young adults running around grasping a stick between their legs will one day be taken seriously.

You know what would have been kewl? If they loved the game in the books so much that they developed some sort of device that actually levitated and flew like the broomsticks in the Harry Potter books. With science and genius and all that. That i could have gotten behind. Instead we get this.

This just makes me sad (and yes, those are capes).

Damn you, J.K. Rowling!

By min | January 23, 2012, 2:39 PM | Boooooks & Ummm... Other?