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Annihilators: Earthfall #4 - This series was such a waste. I read it and all i can see is the potential for increasing the readership of Abnett & Lanning's space stories getting flushed down the toilet. Well, i see that, and i see this:

I don't meant to pick on the Valkyrie.  They're all drawn like this.

Eaaaaaagh!! How did this not end with a revelation that everyone in the series was attacked by Masque from the Morlocks?

Captain America #5 - It's a good story, but i'm disturbed by the fact that half the book is drawn very nicely by Niven and the other half is this weird sketchy stuff by Camuncoli. But... it is a good story. And luckily...

Captain America #6 - ...here's some more of it, and this time with great art by Alan Davis. I do like this alternate-dimension Hydra queen, and the fact that she and the Bravo guy (Do i have to call him Codename: Bravo? Is that his full name?) are pointing out actual real-world problems with the politics in the US and using that against Cap. Shades of Englehart; it's something that should be done more in this book. Similarly, it's nice to see the reference to interactions with this world's version of Hydra and the fact that "Queen" Hydra is successfully recruiting away goons on the basis of her more political message.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #8 - I really was going along with this book, but it's issue 8 of 9 and i don't know where it's going. I thought this was going to be a restoration of the Scarlet Witch and an undoing of House of M, but so far it's been a lot of the Young Avengers standing around on the sidelines while the X-Men and Avengers fight things and/or each other, so even if the series does accomplish those things in the final issue, it's going to feel somewhat out of nowhere. And if it's not going to do those things, i don't understand the point. It sure wasn't to spotlight the YA characters. Also, Doom referencing the time he stole the Beyonder's power was not a good move, because this issue's plot really was a re-hash of that, and despite the fact that Doom says that he's even more powerful now than that time, it's worth remembering that in that Secret Wars issue he annihilated the combined hero forces with a single action. No one had an opportunity to shrink down to ant size and buzz around in his ear or anything. He was actually omnipotent then, not just really big and talking a lot. Oh well. I had high hopes for this series. Oh and why is everyone, like, wet and covered in mud or something?

Alpha Flight #7 - Readers, i didn't even notice that Heather had four toes. Ok? And i didn't breeze past the panel. I stared at it, asked myself, 'why are they showing me this panel? is she drawing a message in the sand with her foot?'. So take all my reviews with a grain of salt; i'm clearly not qualified to review anything. But i did enjoy this. Fun, funny, nice turnabouts, great to see the hero's scheme working out, "Squatch smash puny Canadians", and decent-to-good art (i generally like it and think the storytelling is good, but something about the character poses and faces feels a little stiff, like maybe there's too much of a reliance on posed reference photos or something?).

By fnord12 | January 4, 2012, 12:39 AM | Comics


Annihilators: i think artist Tan Eng Huat has a thing for drawing little people. every issue has some panel with someone drawn as a dwarf even if the person ought to be pretty huge- like Ronin, for instance. in this most recent issue, after they defeat the Magus, there's a panel showing itty bitty Universal Church of Truth cardinals kneeling around the Red Hulk and the Thing. yeah, ok, the Hulk and Thing are big guys. that doesn't change that fact that these cardinals are still itty bitty.

it's either that or in addition to not being able to draw faces for shit, Huat has no concept of proportion. well, at least he can draw feet.

Avengers: Children's Crusade: i can't believe this story is still not over. i stopped caring about 4 issues ago. and that's not mud, fnord. it's Rock Armor.

AF: *sigh* i'm not allowed to have nice things. they keep cancelling the nice things and giving me Huat art and never-ending dragged out stories instead.

that said, i felt wolverine being so flippant with his "well, see ya. i'm an Avenger now." was a bit out of character and douchey. if i were Guardian, i would have smacked him, too. with an electrified hammer.