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I have mangled one of my fingers in a blender, so i apologize if there are (more) typos (than usual).

Hulk #47 - Parker has done a great job making me like the Red Hulk, so we'll see if he can do the same for Red She-Hulk, but so far it hasn't happened. Betty comes off particularly unlikeable (one might say Harpy-ish) and the way she was written didn't leave a lot of room for character development. But it's only the start of this arc. Speaking of characters Parker has convinced me to like, i'm enjoying the Zero/One plot. I really liked the "Why has he come? I abandoned hostilities with him." line. I also like that Machine Man seems to have joined the cast of this book (still waiting for a reconciliation with the Warren Ellis personality).

Avengers annual #1 - The previous installment of this came out in September(!), where it became clear that, whatever Bendis' intentions, Wonder Man had essentially no case, and nothing in this issue contradicts that, making the crazification of Wondy the only lasting effect of this story, especially since the rest of Wondy's group folded with no resolution to their complaints (and the characterization of Erik Josten seems terrible, but i'm probably missing Thunderbolts issues that make it ok). The idea that he's really only a construct of the Scarlet Witch or that his resurrection was somehow tainted feels like a knock on the Busiek story that i don't think was warranted. If i recall correctly, Wonder Man appeared along with a Legion of the Unliving, but Wanda detected that unlike the others he wasn't really dead and she was able to hex him back to full life. If she was just re-writing reality, she would have brought back Dr. Druid and the rest too. The whole complaint seems to be based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Scarlet Witch's powers; something that it looked like the Children's Crusade might be addressing but with one issue left i'm not so sure. Anyway... rambling. The art was a bit disappointing as well. I remember liking the painted look of the previous annual, but this issue seemed... i don't want to say rushed about a book that they clearly took their time putting out. But you had that completely wasted two pages with a giant spread of Wonder Man and Iron Man facing off, and then, in the very next panel Iron Man is holding up the defeated Wonder Man-ball. When i start checking to make sure pages weren't stuck together, that's bad storytelling.

Villains for Hire #2 - Yeah yeah yeah! Good stuff! And i don't just mean Paladin getting his ass kicked.

Thunderbolts #168 - I feel like the cover is very specifically advertising Luke Cage as a selling point as if he were Spidey or Wolverine, which is interesting. Not a bad thing; i've always liked the character and i'm glad he has a higher profile nowadays, but it's amazing what an Avengers membership can do for you. As for this issue, i've never loved Mr. Fear/Nightmare/D'Spayre stories where scary montage scenes substitute for actual character development, and the Back To The Future II "homage" was a little silly (especially since it seems to answer the fun time travel philosophy questions that were raised in previous issues), but i still think this is my favorite book right now. Oh, and what the hell: what idiot thought they should kill off Montana? Do i have that and missed it or what? You can't really have an Enforcers without Montana, and you need to have an Enforcers. Well, i guess we're on like Ox IV, so i guess we'll just have to have a Montana II.

By fnord12 | January 10, 2012, 10:06 PM | Comics


To be fair, the idea that Simon might be a figment of Wanda's imagination makes sense on its own- Wanda could have just "convinced" herself that Simon was different from the others and wished him back to life. The real problem is (a) Dallas also wished Atlas back to life- does that mean Atlas isn't real? and (b) the Children's Crusade established that Wanda was under the influence of Doom or the Life Force or whatever- does Simon think that Doom or the Life Force wanted him back for some reason?
P.S. Hope your finger feels better.

Thanks, Michael!

VFH: can we all agree to NEVER mention Misty's "phantom pregnancy" ever again, please? and oh, hey, look! Abnett and Lanning scripting paired with an artist who can draw. it's amazing how that makes the story actually enjoyable to read. Kudos to you, Renato Arlem. you're a rare breed over at Marvel.