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X-Factor #230 - I put Peter David in the "not good anymore" category after Chriscross' art turned me off of Captain Marvel and PAD's return to the Hulk was less than great. I also tried his She-Hulk but didn't love it. So i have been skipping his X-Factor despite good reviews. But due to the terms of a recent donation from the Wanyas Foundation, i am now collecting this series. Via the same arrangement i now also have all the back-issues, but i don't know when i'll get to them. So, this issue: really good! Yes, it was just an issue of people standing around talking, but it was well-written dialogue. There was the Peter David bad humor element that i'm overly sensitive to, like the bit where Pip was standing behind Strong Guy, and the "you just got trolled" follow-up, but i was braced for it and i survived. The art seems pretty good too (we'll see how it is with action sequences when there are any) and there's interesting stuff going on with Madrox and Strong Guy. So i basically had to be forced to read this book, but i'm glad i was.

New Mutants #36 - I think this issue addressed various random concerns i've seen floating about, like the Mutants having left Doug behind, and the way the band seems to be able to just move from gig to gig despite the disasters they have been leaving in their wake, but it does leave me with a very important question: was that or was that not a baby Shuma-Gorath? It sure looked like one, but it was never actually said that it was. Which, if it was, was kind of cool; the New Mutants stumbled upon and resolved the threat of an extension of Shuma-Gorath without actually knowing what they were dealing with. Entirely feasible, and i'm still enjoying this series. (And everyone had eyeballs, and they were all the right sizes, too!)

Thunderbolts #169 - Yeah, like i said, Parker can send these Thunderbolts back to any time period he wants, for as long as he wants, and i'll enjoy it.

Avengers #21 - The art could be a lot better, and Bendis had better be prepared to put the genie back in the bottle regarding the ability for Hydra/Aim/Osborn to create duplicates of the Avengers, but this was a good issue. I enjoyed Spider-Woman trying to bluff her way past the Hulks, and Marvel Boy The Protector's attempts at communicating with the Avengers during the Iron Man was well written too.

New Avengers #20 - Same here. Good fight, and this issue has the benefit of Mike Deodato art. "Oh great they have a Thor" is a reference/homage to "They have a cave troll" in Fellowship of the Rings, right?

Avenging Spider-Man #3 - Good fun!

Captain America #7 - Mad bombs. Serpent squads. Very good Alan Davis art in the interior (i thought Cap's face on the cover looked kind of bad). Can't ask for much more than that. I see we're kind of building towards a "Cap's loss of faith in his country equals loss of powers" which is an interesting idea.

Alpha Flight #8 - Sad that this was cancelled but as long as Van Lente and Pak stick around, it'll be ok. Eaglesham's art kind of grew on me; i thought it was a little stiff but i'd be happy to see him take over, say, the Avengers.

Avengers Academy #24 - I wouldn't know!

By fnord12 | January 30, 2012, 8:55 PM | Comics


XF: i didn't enjoy this issue ALOT, but i'm withholding judgement until i read the back issues since most of my dislike focuses on this comic being full of people i don't know (and therefore don't care about) talking about i don't know what. also, the bad jokes. ugh.

i don't know why this should bother me all of a sudden, but seeing Polaris in her unnecessarily sexy and impractical outfit just pissed me off. i suppose i was already cranky from reading the comic.

TB: Gunna's troll outfit is awesome. the rest of the book i can take or leave.

Avengers: the art wasn't great, that's for sure, but it was no Huat, so thank you for that, everybody's eyeballs were of the correct size, and (appreciated by me) in the opening scene with Spider-Woman and the spider hulks - she's not in a brokeback pose and her proportions are normal for a human being.

New Avengers: ahhh....art where people's faces aren't all fucked up. thank you, Deodato. i do need to point out that Jessica Jones was not in this fight, but they put her on the cover (instead of Ms. Marvel?) anyway.

Avenging Spider-Man: *GRIN*

CA: i got tricked into reading it. it was in my pile. i haven't read Cap in a year. all i know is someone should tell Sharon Carter that it'd be more believable that she's upset about Cap losing his powers for no reason if she weren't standing there with a goofy grin on her face while claiming to have found the incident "troubling".

AF: i don't know the history between Mac and Heather, and i know she's still all four-toed freaky in the head, but the whole taking the kid thing at the end - Heather Hudson's a bitch. is this characterization accurate?

AA: you know what happened, right? i started to like it.