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It's ok when he's one of "ours"


"The government does not pursue every leak," said Mark Corallo, who served as the Justice Department's spokesman in Mr. Bush's administration. "On balance, it is more important that the media have the ability to report. It's important to our democracy."

That does not seem to be the view of the Obama administration, which has brought more prosecutions against current or former government officials for providing classified information to the media than every previous administration combined.

Mr. Corallo, who served under Mr. Bush's attorney general John D. Ashcroft, said he was "sort of shocked" by the volume of leak prosecutions under President Obama. "We would have gotten hammered for it," he said.

As Glenn Greenwald has said repeatedly:

Indeed: is there even a single liberal pundit, blogger or commentator who would have defended George Bush and Dick Cheney if they (rather than Obama) had been secretly targeting American citizens for execution without due process, or slaughtering children, rescuers and funeral attendees with drones, or continuing indefinite detention even a full decade after 9/11? Please. How any of these people can even look in the mirror, behold the oozing, limitless intellectual dishonesty, and not want to smash what they see is truly mystifying to me.

By fnord12 | February 16, 2012, 11:06 AM | Liberal Outrage


they'd rather pretend Obama's not a total dick than say anything that would equate him with the "dark side" (i.e. Republicans). he can do all the same or worse, but it's ok cause he did these things for the "right" reasons.

plus, what other options do they have? third party candidates are anathema.