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Captain America #8 - Alan Davis sure knows how to draw a fight sequence. That battle with the Serpent Squad seemed like the first fight i could actually follow in a comic in decades. I'm liking the direction of this book. I feel like it's been more... traditionally super-heroey since David took over. Yes? No? Serpent Squad, Madbomb, Machinesmith? I guess it really isn't but Davis' classic style and the brighter colors give everything a different emphasis. Anyway, i like it.

New Mutants #37 - Now, let me start by saying that this was a well written, amusing book. With good art (the bar is set pretty low: does everyone have eyeballs and are they a reasonable size? But the semi-cartoonish style was fitting for the story and i liked it.). However, it's pretty hard to reconcile this version of Mephisto with anything we've ever seen before. He's the living personification of all evil! And now he's a nerdy guy that wants to go on a date with a random super-heroine? I mean, the story had a nice Sandman-ish feel and, if it wasn't about Marvel's Mephisto i'd leave it at that. And i'm really not complaining, but i think this issue leaves some open questions that will need to be addressed - is this really a new phase for Mephisto or part of a grander scheme? And if the former, why Magma, of all people? Surely not just because she has fire powers... As for where to address those issues, it's odd for Mephisto to become a supporting character for the New Mutants. I'm not into strict segmentation of characters (Mephisto must appear in Dr. Strange and Silver Surfer only!), but he doesn't really fit into the "tying up the X-Men's loose ends" remit or even mutant themes more generally. These are really all just random thoughts; i liked the issue.

By fnord12 | February 15, 2012, 10:40 PM | Comics


CA: Alan Davis' fight sequences were indeed very good in that you knew what was happening from panel to panel, and they occurred in a sensible sequence. however, wth is with the weirdo poses Sharon Carter's sporting as she's firing her gun? one of them has her facing forward while the bottom half of her body is twisted 90deg to the right. why? she's not retreating as she's firing. she's supposed to be holding off the bad guys as the citizens retreat.

as for characterization - Sharon Carter, Agent 13 of Shield, is really going to say "Uh....I'm out of bullets." as if she is completely without alternatives? i just read Winter Soldier where the Black Widow kicked the crap out of a bunch of ex-KGB without a gun. you're telling me Agent 13 isn't similarly skilled? i realize she pulls thru in the end, but that line really bugged me.

not sure how i got tricked into reading another Cap title...dammit.

NM: if Marvel wasn't so lackadaisical about their publishing schedule, i'd figure this was some kind of Valentine's issue, what with the profusion of pink all over the cover. can i complain some more about comics where people aren't kicking ass?

the Mephisto as a nervous guy with a crush is just weird. he ate Spider-man's marriage! he's not going around being nervous about dating Magma no matter how pretty she is. oy.