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I saw this ad in the Feb 1985 issues of Marvel comics...

The Trans-bots may or may not be from Planet Transsexual

...and i originally thought, "Oh. Transformers knock-offs.". Then i realized that this was probably an ad for the Transformers toys before they were officially brought to the US and named by Marvel's staff. Despite the snark in that Comics Critic strip, looking at this ad you have to admit that Marvel added some value. Surely "Soundwave" is a better name than "Transforming Communicator!".

By fnord12 | February 20, 2012, 1:55 PM | Comics


Go back to your original thought. Hasbro's Transformers came out in 1984, before this ad was published. These are definitely knock-offs.

You're right that the Transformers were already out at this time, but i believe these were the Diaclone figures that Hasbro bought the rights to and worked with Marvel to develop into the Transformers, not exactly knock-offs.

It's odd that Marvel was allowing these to be advertised in their comics, considering they were already publishing a Transformers comic.

i think "Transforming Deception Plane" is my favorite.