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OMAC #7 - I haven't been reviewing this on the grounds that Wanyas has been deluging me with DC comics, but i just wanted to say i'm glad Giffen's back on art. P.S. i pretended the animal men were Kirby's New Men.

Winter Soldier #3 - I wish the art wasn't a big pile of mess, but i liked the reprogrammed Doombot and i appreciated the real Doom making short work of Bucky. Next issue promises "Gorilla madness!" so we'll see how that goes.

Villains For Hire #4 - Abnett & Lanning tried to trick me into liking Paladin by disguising him as Scourge, but i wasn't falling for it. This was nicely wrapped up, but the overall concept was a bit disappointing. When i read a book called Villains For Hire, i don't want it to really be Heroes Pretending To Be Villains Hiring Other Villains. But, again, it was well written and i hope Abnett & Lanning wind up on another book.

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9 - All right, so all my whining about the Vision seems to have been premature. I think. "So we'll ask Tony Stark to build us a new Vision - with the old Vision's memories. The young old Vision. Our old Vision." That twisted my head around a little bit, but in the end it seems they decided not to do that, so Young Vision was destroyed before the Vision was rebuilt in Bendis' Avengers, and they have nothing to do with each other. Thank you. Beyond that, it seems confirmed that the Scarlet Witch was possessed by an outside force and controlled by Dr. Doom (i'm not clear what his motive was) when she wiped out all mutants, even if Cyclops (who seems out of character even for how he's being written nowadays) doesn't accept it. And for when all this takes place, it's after Steve Rogers is back in the Cap costume but before Spider Island, the return of the Human Torch, and some Sentinel attack in X-men. Seems workable. As a "return Scarlet Witch to status quo" vehicle, this was ok, but it really wasn't a great story, honestly.

Avengers Academy #27 - This, on the other hand, was great. Gage has a good handle on the Runaways, and he throws in Devil Dinosaur as well. What more can you ask for? Well, i guess i didn't love the new artist but that's the new Marvel budget for you, apparently.

Hulk #49 - This was an intriguing issue and a good set-up for future stories with the Eternals either here or elsewhere. And if the Eternals want to reduce the number of Hulks running around, i'm in complete support of that, as long as when they're done with the purge they leave Parker on a book.

By fnord12 | March 14, 2012, 7:01 PM | Comics


OMAC: i didn't know armor could be so form-fitting. nice butt.

WS: it was less messy than the previous issues. or i'm just getting used to not expecting to see anything.

A: CC: the sappy ending really killed it. blech. what is Cyclops' problem? if anyone should understand what happens when something powerful possesses a person and makes them do terrible things, it's the X-Men. didn't the X-Men fight the Shi-ar because they wanted to kill Jean Grey for what the Phoenix had done. and i think there's a cross-over coming up that's going to deal with that whole "world destroying power possesses a girl" theme again.

and why do they keep killing off chicks who grow giant-sized? the Wasp met her end when she got huge, too. is it more of Wanyas' theory? women are just too weak to handle more power.

AA: remember when the Runaways first came out and i loved it? yeah....those were good times.

Hulk: did they skip the sappy pappy Betty and Ross make up chat or did i miss something? i mean, i'm good with skipping it. i just think it's weird considering they made such a big deal of Red She-Hulk showing up and being all angry with her dad.

Wait a minute. *I* don't think that women are just too weak to handle more power, I think that's a valid interpretation of the stories presented in comics.

You should hear the awful things he says about the women in the Walking Dead show.

They should clean my clothes and wash my dishes and leave the zombie killing to those with penises.

what zombies?