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In which i discount the political opinions of everyone over the age of 65 and also make broad, unfounded assumptions

Via TPM, we have the latest FAIR report on the Sunday political talk shows:

Seventy percent of one-on-one interviews on the shows featured Republicans, according to the study. That's 166 Republican guests to 70 Democrats. For the roundtable discussions, Republicans and/or conservatives made 282 appearances to 164 by Democrats and progressives.

Obviously the study comes in the middle of a fierce Republican presidential election fight, with the only Democratic candidate currently occupying the White House. Michele Bachmann appeared on the shows 18 times, Rick Santorum appeared 16 times and Newt Gingrich appeared 13 times, according to the study. But tilt to the right isn't exclusive to a GOP primary. According to the study, the shows skewed right even during the 2004 election.

Partisanship aside, women made up just 29 percent of the shows' roundtable guests. Eighty-five percent of the guests were white, 11 percent were African American and 3 percent were Latino.

FAIR has been putting out stuff like this for years, and i'm glad that the more mainstream (!) TPM is focusing on it for once (it's also interesting that FAIR used to note the lack of representation of ideas outside the narrow Dem-Republican confines, e.g. no Ralph Nader or Noam Chomsky or Ron Paul or Gary Johnson; now it's even narrower, apparently). I'm also sure in a day or two the Daily Howler will write a post telling us why these numbers are wrong (the fact that the study took place during the Republican primaries was certainly bad timing).

But my initial reaction on reading this was... who cares anymore? Does anyone under the age of 65 still watch these shows, and if so, are they at all convinceable? I don't think these shows are driving political opinions anymore. That's all happening right here on this blog the internet.

Maybe i'm wrong. And i know that one group that actually watches these shows (and cable news) a lot is the politicians themselves. But right now i say it's not a battle worth fighting anymore.

By fnord12 | April 19, 2012, 4:44 PM | Liberal Outrage