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And another thing!

Just two additional complaints that came out of my Speed Reviews that i've separated out because they're more meta/state of the industry gripes than about specific issues. Both relate to the Hulk, actually.

1. I wanted to see when and where Doc Samson died, and Wikipedia helpfully pointed me to Incredible Hulk #610. I wanted to see if i could blame the death on Jeph Loeb (and no, it's by Pak), so i went to the good old reliable Unofficial Handbook of Marvel Comics Creators. Well, through no fault of its own, it was a little less reliable this time. Because with all the goddamn renumberings and other nonense, there's been like 8 series called Incredible Hulk, and it took me a while to figure out which one was relevant. I know complaining about the re-numberings and reboots is dismissed as a fanboy complaint with no consequences for actual sales, but this sure makes it harder to find back issues, which you would think would be a concern for retailers.

2. When this current Hulk storyline started, i realized it was building off of events from the aborted crossover that eventually got buried in the oddly numbered Venom point issues. So i decided i'd pick up those issues. Wanyas and i have both been trying to get them all, and now the final issue is finally on its way from mycomicshop.com and i'll probably get it some time next week. So it took, what?, three months and a major concentrated effort that no normal person would ever bother with, and in the meantime this story is already over. Again, it seems like it would be in someone's interest besides mine to make recent back issues more readily available for people who belatedly decide something seems worth buying.

By fnord12 | May 30, 2012, 11:18 PM | Comics