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Round peg, round hole

I do worry that the puzzles i set up for my players will wind up like this, but on the other hand i find it's usually better to underestimate their puzzle solving ability and keep it simple.

By fnord12 | May 7, 2012, 11:27 AM | Comics & D&D



Josy's arm


Chamber of Competency

it's safe to assume we're just dumb. i still don't know what the solution to that coin thing is.

I vote simple. We over complicate the puzzles on our own anyway...

I still say if you were drowning and were about to die you'd rip someone arm off to save your own life. A lost limb does not equal a lost life.

I guess it depends on whose perspective you are looking at this from.

I propose that from now on if a creature is in some kind of magical prison we don't touch no matter what. Secondly I propose that we kill everything to tie up all loose ends unless they are willing to be subjects under our rule. If we rescue them they owe us their lives. We take far too little in exchnge for saving so many so often. "oh thank you for saving our lives, we can never repay you.". Pffffftttt.

I also remember us being given a Red Bull Controlling stick and we smashed it because we didn't know what it did.

We can't even manage to do things in a subtle way. or keep our mouths shut. puzzles are way beyond our ability.

hey! it was a flaming bull head! on top of a flaming skeletal body! what the hell was i supposed to think we were expected to do? clearly, you smash it so it stops flaming and doing terrible magicks at you.

no no I agreed with that decision. we never have good luck with flaming skeletons. i can't see one with a bull head being any better. i dont know why anyone would expect anything different from us anyway.