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Racist Attitudes So Ingrained, Ad Company Misses the 'Duh' Moment

Something that should have never made it past the brainstorming stage, if it should even have been verbalized at all:

A campaign designed to encourage Ukrainian tourists to travel in Asia has backfired after being branded 'utterly offensive and 'racist.'

The colourful words on the advert for a Kiev travel agency read: 'See Asia like Asians do', with the accompanying tag line telling viewers 'to read the text screw up your eyes.'

It is accompanied by a collage of photos showing people using their index fingers to slant their eyes while reading the poster.

Many of the defenders say that it's clearly a joke and nobody "meant" to be racist. Well, yeah, see, the problem is when you think doing this is ok and not racist. It means the racism is so ingrained that you can't see that it's offensive. You just think "Ha ha. Isn't that a funny joke?". Um...no, it's not. That's not funny and neither is the "I'm pretending to speak Chinese by saying 'ching chong choi'" thing. Just in case you were wondering. It just means you're ignorant.

By min | June 26, 2012, 12:46 PM | Ummm... Other?


Guess what, everyone else in the world is incredibly racist. The Europeans, Asians, Africans, Arabs, Latin Americans, etc. All horribly racist. They are racist because unlike the immigrant nations, their countries are overwhelming of one racial type and have no experience of dealing with others, or giving two cents whether someone is offended. It doesn't mean that they hate or intend to oppress anyone, but by the standards of the USA, they are racist.

fnord12 and i talked a little about this last night. definitely true that you never need to develop that awareness and sensitivity to racism if everybody around you is the same.

on the other hand, with the internet increasing the speed at which information gets distributed, governments and companies that deal internationally had better start developing those sensitivities if they don't want to keep getting called out. and i don't really think that's a bad thing.

True, but it's probably also true that people in the English speaking world, especially the US, are way too sensitive about things and overreact about racist things that are merely a case of bad taste.