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Thankfully my RSS isn't 100% Paul Ryan today. Here's two interesting posts on the topic of comics production.

The first is about coloring and it's interesting to see the amount of thought and effort put into the process, especially when my general feeling (not necessarily about the artists discussed) is that colorists today just take a big brush full of brown paint and cover the pages with it.

The second is about male and female body types in comics. It's a great topic that uses Olympic athletes as a starting point, but i feel like the author made a mistake in asking the artists to stack rank the characters because that exercise forces them to think about the characters in a way that i think artists otherwise wouldn't (again, not targeting the artists discussed; i'm not overly familiar with the artists that participated in the article, except for Perez who is an exception to most rules).

By fnord12 | August 13, 2012, 1:48 PM | Comics