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Cause Pinching's For Sissies!

H/t to wnkr for one more example that society's going to hell in a handbasket.

Three child care workers have been arrested for allegedly encouraging toddlers under their watch to fight for sport.

According to police, Tiana Harris, 19, Lisa Parker, 47, and Estefania Myers, 21, were captured in a cell phone video egging on two three-year-old children to get physical for the fun of it at the Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover, Delaware.

In the footage, taken in March, a toddler's voice is heard crying out in pain, "He's pinching me," as the little one tries to break free from a scuffle with another youngster.

Shockingly, the voice of one of the workers responds, "No pinching, only punching," as the worker guides the child to stay in the fight zone at the center, that boasts a peaceful atmosphere with the motto: "Young Hearts Loving the World."

Don't these daycare workers know that punching is unrealistic? They should be grappling.

The best part of this story might be the sign posted on the door after the place was shut down.

A City of Dover Code Enforcement sign was posted to the door reading: "Danger. This structure is declared unsafe for human occupancy or use."

Unsafe if you're a pussy!

By min | August 21, 2012, 8:45 AM | Ummm... Other?