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Entertainment Weekly Riling Up My Inner Comic Book Geek

My sister kindly informed me of this (probably not realizing the angry geek whining she was setting herself up for).

Hulk vs the Flash? C'mon. Superman vs the Silver Surfer? No way "powered by the sun" comes even close to defeating "in possession of the Power Cosmic". Pfft. What joker set this table up? They clearly don't know anything about comics.

By min | August 12, 2012, 3:28 PM | Comics


Captain America is a visiting dignitary?

I had to run through about 4 characters before i realized why a "Captain Marvel" was listed as a Supernatural Entity.

Odd for Great Machine to even be included.

My understanding is that if it's pre-Crisis Superman he wins this contest hands-down. Or at least the Western division before losing to Deadpool.