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I Saw This and Thought I Should Get Copies for All of My Friends

Cause why wouldn't they want to own a copy of The Dictator's Practical Internet Guide to Power Retention?

In order to derive maximum benefit from the internet, you absolutely must fulfill three prerequisites. As you will see in the next chapter, they are essential to successfully disable anonymity and security, your two greatest threats.

Now, i know you can just download the PDF for free, but i feel that something like this i'd want a physical copy of. That way i can write myself little notes in the margins, highlight the best passages, take it with me after the coup when i'm on the run from those i've oppressed, etc etc.

The book actually talks about the techniques being used to undermine dissent and neutralize movements and, according to Boing Boing, is a "very good critique of the state of Internet liberation technologies -- a critical analysis of what works, what needs work, and what doesn't work in the world of networked technologies that hope to serve as a force for democratization and self-determination."

Ofc, if it does proffer some practical ideas on how to maintain my dictatorial hold on those around me, well, that would be a nice bonus.

By min | August 23, 2012, 1:11 PM | Boooooks & Liberal Outrage