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Pistol Whipping a Priest

Min and i have a bit of a Law & Order obsession, so last night as usual we were watching our re-run during dinner. It was "Trade This" from Season 10, and we were kinda struck by this image.

We also loved this lawyer's bow tie and flower

It flashed by quickly so we had to rewind it, but sure enough:

The acronym is an onomatopoeia.

No, that doesn't just get filed under "Assault". It gets its own category. Only one check though; the other criminals are slackers.

Since the internet is kind of like one million monkeys typing, i figured we weren't the first (supermega)monkeys to notice this, and a quick google did turn up a couple of flickrs. But i also found this, which labelled it "the chart that acquitted John Gotti Jr.". So i guess the chart was "ripped [off] from the headlines" but i hasten to add that the story is fictional and does not represent any actual person or event.

By fnord12 | August 1, 2012, 6:36 PM | TeeVee