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Ohio didn't even matter

Speaking of Nate Silver and "the math", here's this chart of states arranged by Obama's margin.

Chart shamelessly 'preserved' so i can be sure i have it for comparison in 2016.

As Nate notes, the real tipping point state here turned out to be Colorado, not Ohio, meaning all the money and effort spent there (and Virginia and Florida) turned out to be about running up the scoreboard (useful for claiming a mandate!), but not necessary for winning the election.

Before i go further, please go read Tom Tomorrow's cautionary victory cartoon.

Ok, with that wet blanket out of the way, looking at those margins, i really do find it hard to understand how the Republicans recover at the presidential level. Since a lot of this has to do with changing demographics, it does come down to peeling Hispanic voters out of the D column. And that doesn't just mean putting Marco Rubio at the top of the ticket. It means actual party platform changes. And even if the Republicans manage to pull that off, it would be a major step forward for the country.

The other option for Republicans is to start pushing to get rid of the Electoral College (obviously not an easy task, but neither is re-orienting their platform to appeal to their current base and Hispanic voters). And i'd be happy with that outcome as well.

By fnord12 | November 9, 2012, 9:33 AM | Liberal Outrage