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The girl next store

Everyone is excited about this:

Astroboffins have found another super-Earth planet orbiting a star just 42 light years away from home, but this one could support life as we know it.

Actually, people are probably mainly excited about the use of the word "astroboffins". But regarding the planet, let's remember our good neighbor Venus. As i read recently in Scientific American (print edition; threw it away after reading it, so you'll just have to trust me. It might also have been Discover.), the method we use to determine planets that "could support life" would identify Venus as such a planet. It's the right size, and the right distance from the sun. So we could travel 42 light years to discover a planet overheated due to greenhouse gases.

So why don't we just do what i've been saying for years, and bombard Venus with seeds until something sticks and starts converting the atmosphere to oxygen?

By fnord12 | November 8, 2012, 9:41 AM | Science


many boffins died to bring us this information!

an important point to note is that it's speculated this planet has a much stronger force of gravity than our planet. if the natives ever decided to come visit, we could be fucked. i know cause i read comics.