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Froggie and Icky

Froggie and Ichabod Bear were very good friends. Some, at first glance, might find it odd that a frog who was just a head would have anything in common with a bear in possession of all his limbs. But, you see, Ichabod Bear had a special talent. When so inclined, Ichabod could pop his head right off his body. The two friends were bound by this mutual understanding.

One afternoon, as Froggie sat by the kitchen window working on his sums, Ichabod Bear went out to retrieve the mail. Most of the items in the mailbox were the usual advertisements from stores they had never frequented. Amongst those numerous dull things, however, was nestled a bright red envelope.

Grasping the envelope excitedly, Ichabod Bear hurried into the kitchen.

"Froggie! What do you think? We've been invited to tea with the Duchess!"

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