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I Am a Mole Person

And therefore, quite fucked. Link

Studies first uncovered a link between myopia and limited outdoor time during childhood just a few years ago.
Some scientists say the benefit could come from exposure to natural light, a relaxation of the eye gained from viewing things at a distance or the visual tableau that reaches the eyes' peripheries while outdoors. Or it could be a mix of all those factors.
Aside from spending time outdoors, a person's other behaviors might matter too. The higher myopia rates documented today coincide with a whole generation of children raised on computers, video games and, especially in the Far East, intense pressure to achieve in school. Some researchers cite a long-debated theory linking myopia to excessive reading or other "near work."

So, not only can i blame my parents for poor genetics in the eye department, they're also to blame for all that studying they made me do. *shakes fist* And apparently, once you're near-sighted, it's too late to fix it with more outdoor time. Gah!

Between this and my growing inability to determine what direction a sound is coming from, i'm going to have to learn to be Helen Keller.

This part of the article amused me.

As these theories get vetted, some scientists are already encouraging action. "We need to get the message out to parents," Stell says. "Kick the kids outside."

Morgan agrees, but says cultural expectations might block the way in some of the countries where myopia rates are already soaring. "It's just stunning how strongly organized the life of a Chinese child is toward study," he says. In school, children nap indoors for an hour or two at lunchtime, resting up to do hours of homework later. It would be hard to change this pattern, he says. "When I floated the idea of stopping naps at lunchtime in China, the response was almost like I was advocating child cruelty." Western kids may work hard, Morgan says, "but you ain't seen nothing until you've seen China."

My god, i could have used a lunchtime nap in school. It is cruelty to try taking it away. Course, trying to convince Chinese parents to let their kids run around outside after school is out of the question. No play time until all your homework is completed. At most, you get a snack when you come home, but then it's homework until dinner and then more homework if you didn't finish. Duh.

By min | January 25, 2013, 10:57 AM | Science


dont forget the homework you have to do if you dont do it right the first time!

oh yeah. the math and reading dittos you had to work on all summer cause you only scored in the 98th percentile on your standardized tests.