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I Have Something You Don't Have

We couldn't have just gotten one. He would have gotten lonely.

and not one of them has a speech impediment

They haven't got arms! How do they get things into and out of their bandolier pouch without arms? Did they lose them playing 3-D holographic space chess?

i posted about these in August. fnord12 ordered them as a surprise, and it's taken until now for them to arrive.

By min | January 21, 2013, 8:50 PM | Cute Things & Star Wars


Are those from the Angry Birds line? Those are better than I expected.

are there wookiees in the angry birds game?

Bob, wookiees are from *Star Wars*, not Angry Birds. Don't be a Fake Geek Girl.

There are Wookies in the Angry Birds Star Wars game.

So awesome!!!