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Sounds Like the Plot to a CSI Episode

I didn't think real murderers hid their victims' bodies in things like water towers.

The body of a missing Canadian woman has been discovered in a cistern that was being used to provide drinking water to guests in a Los Angeles hotel.

The remains of Elisa Lam, 21, were found by a maintenance worker at the 600-room, $65-a-night Cecil Hotel after guests complained about low water pressure. Detectives were working to determine if her death was the result of foul play or an accident.

British tourist Michael Baugh, 27, and his wife, who had complained about the poor water flow after days of showering, brushing their teeth and drinking some of the tap water, were shocked at the discovery. "We feel a bit sick to the stomach, quite literally, especially having drank the water. We're not well mentally," he said.

Officials are trying to reassure people by saying that since there was so much water in the cistern, the water was perfectly fine. Nothing to worry about. I don't think they're going to get much traction with that line of logic, though.

And i appreciate how they're being circumspect, saying they're not sure yet if it was foul play or an accident. Not quite sure how you end up in a cistern on the roof of a hotel by accident.

To get to the tanks, which are on a platform at least 10 ft above the roof, someone would have to go to the top floor then climb a staircase and enter a locked door and turn off an emergency alarm that prevents roof access. Another ladder would have to be taken to the platform and a person would have to climb the side of the tank.

That would be some accident. Everybody with water towers needs to implement a policy of checking those things everyday now cause i do not want to find out one day that i've been showering in corpse water.

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