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Super Bowl Monday should be a paid holiday

I spent my Sunday reading Thor comics but i still agree with Yglesias here:

Today should be a national holiday. Specifically, rather than observing President's Day two weeks from today, we should observe it today.

Even if you're not a football fan, there's absolutely no downside to this, and the upside is considerable. The typical American does not, I think, adequately reflect on how convenient it is to have holiday schedules aligned with real-world social practices because they generally get their way automatically. If you're Jewish, you know that it kind of sucks to have a major family observance (Passover) on a random spring day when it's not convenient for people to be traveling, while the goyim "conveniently" discover that schools and workplaces are all giving people time off right around Dec. 25. Mainstream Americans benefit from this arrangement, but it seems so "natural" that they don't necessarily appreciate it. But it makes perfect sense. For any given quantity of national holidays, it's hugely beneficial to align the holidays with real routines in people's lives. Christmas is a big deal, so aligning the December holiday with it is a big win. The Super Bowl is not as big a deal as Christmas, but in terms of people's lives, it's a much bigger deal than George Washington's birthday. There's nothing in American social life specifically tied to mid-February that would be disrupted by shifting the day a bit earlier.

To be sure, i'm more in favor have having today off AND President's Day AND Chinese New Year AND i should have actually had off for Martin Luther King's Day AND let's add a few more as well. We don't have enough public holidays. But at the very least i'm more than willing to accommodate football fans and move President's Day right after the Super Bowl.

By fnord12 | February 4, 2013, 1:33 PM | Ummm... Other?